The Driving Force Behind the Company:

The sole aim for is to create a service for professional Tradesman and DIYers to use when purchasing materials within the construction and DIY industry. The thinking is supported by a wealth of experience from within the Construction Industry. Knowing who our customers are and what they want is key to decision making and company thinking. The original site went through several iterations before settling on its current look and functionality. The company itself is forward facing with a can do attitude. Embracing change comes with the territory, successfully managing it is down to dedicated staff members.



Design Team:

The team behind bringing our concept to reality live and breathe design, working tirelessly to deliver exceptional results in an ever changing market. We experiment with different approaches continually, where ideas are constantly questioned for their value, direction and reasoning. Our design team has a wealth of expertise in design, technology and user experience. Many different projects are undertaken by the group including industrial design, defining user experiences, graphical work etc. This multiple project approach ensures that our proposition is constantly improving and our designers remain open minded and fresh in their outlook.



Development Team:

Our web development team takes on the task of handling every major trade based retailer's product information, sorting, converting their data into meaningful information. and its channels, provides the perfect opportunity to push the boundaries in what's possible with thousands of product prices updated daily from a wide range of retailers. Our developers are always kept busy. Implementing newer development projects whilst constantly optimizing our site is a demanding task which requires dedication and tenacity where every detail counts.



Marketing and Public Relations:

The Marketing and Public Relations team are responsible for managing media exposure and spreading the word both on and offline. They are committed to preserving the brands equity, ensuring values are communicated clearly and concisely. The team works closely with design creating and rolling out short and longer term media campaigns. Maintaining a simple, clear and consistent message helps Tommy’s yard convey it's values.