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Stuart Turner Monsoon Universal 2.0 bar Single 46498

Stuart Turner Monsoon Universal 2.0 bar Single 46498

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Monsoon Universal pumps remove all the guess work from selecting a pump, being fully automatic they will function under both positive and negative head conditions. 

The Monsoon Universal 2.0 bar Single pump can be used in pairs to boost vented systems to pump hot and cold water supplies independently, or as a single pump to boost a water supply as required. Ideal for boosting hot water service to a common mixer where the cold supply is mains fed.

Ideal for boosting hot and cold supplies separately.

Suitable for increasing water pressure to a combi boiler via a break tank.

 Technical Specification

Product code 46498

Guarantee 5 years

Quiet operation and smooth system performance

All pumps are supplied with 22 mm push-in x 300 mm anti-vibration flexible hoses

WRAS approval 1404701

Pump type Peripheral

Mechanical seal Nitrile / Carbon / Silicon Carbide

Anti vibration feet Inlet strainer(s) Flexible hoses 2

Run on timer 3 sec

Dry run protection Performance

Maximum head (closed valve) 2.0 bar

Performance @ 9 l/min 1.2 bar

Performance @ 18 l/min N/A

Maximum flow 18 l/min

Maximum static inlet pressure 8 metres

Maximum static outlet pressure 8 metres

Maximum working pressure* 600 kPa (6 bar)

Maximum ambient air temperature 40

General Product Information
  • TY SKU Code: TY-15-2828-16
  • Condition: Brand New
  • Stock: Available
  • Brand: Stuart Turner
  • MPN: 46498
  • Weight: 7.80kg



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