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EASYjoint Buff Sand 12.5kg x 2 Tubs

EASYjoint Buff Sand 12.5kg x 2 Tubs

This item is priced at £55.00.

It is available for delivery across the whole of the UK mainland (England, Wales & Scotland).

Brand new! Available now from Tommy's Yard.


EASYJoint is the ORIGINAL “All weather” environmentally friendly (contains no cement or resins) paving joint compound which delivers brilliant results & big savings in labour costs for professional hard landscapers & paving contractors.

Developed specifically for use with both natural stone & concrete paving applications, EASYJoint is fast & easy to apply in wet or dry conditions & when brushed and washed in, leaves no voids – every nook & cranny is filled.

Proven over several years throughout Northern Europe in the harshest of weather conditions, EASYJoint creates a strong long-lasting joint with minimal effort.

Available in 5 excellent colours

EASYJoint is available to buy in 5 colours as shown below. Colours may vary slightly due to colour differences on monitors and may not be a true reflection of the final product.

Golden yellow
Stone Grey
Stone Grey
Mid grey with speckles
Dark grey with speckles
Jet Black
Jet Black
Solid black


1 x 12.5Kg Tub of EASYJoint will cover approximately the following areas *

Paving Size (mm) Joint Size (mm) 30 x 5 Paving Size (mm) Joint Size (mm) 30 x 8
600 x 600 13.5 m2 600 x 600 8.5 m2
600 x 450 11.5 m2 600 x 450 7.0 m2
450 x 450 10.0 m2 450 x 450 6.0 m2
600 x 300 9.0 m2 600 x 300 5.5 m2
450 x 300 8.0 m2 450 x 300 5.0 m2
300 x 300 7.0 m2 300 x 300 4.0 m2
450 x 225 7.0 m2 450 x 225 4.0 m2
225 x 225 5.0 m2 225 x 225 3.0 m2

* Note: This is only a guide. Because accuracy of gap width and depth cannot be uniformly guaranteed, the above table is only a reasonable estimate of the amount of material required.

General Product Information
  • TY SKU Code: TY-0000204174
  • Condition: Brand New
  • Stock: Available
  • Brand: EASYjoint
  • MPN: B010QMOVT2
  • EAN: B010QMOVT2
  • Weight: 25.00kg



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