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External Building Profiles 2m + Fitting

Faithfull External Building Profiles 2m + Fitting

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It is available for delivery across the whole of the UK mainland (England, Wales & Scotland).

Brand new! Available now from Tommy's Yard.



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External corner profiles provided the answer to fast and accurate bricklaying by removing the need to raise corners first. Brick profiles may be used after three courses of bricks have been laid and allowed to set overnight. Once the profiles have been attached to the brickwork and set up, they provide an accurate and firm corner post from which a building line may be run. Building profiles are easy to set up, simple to use and are supplied complete with all the fitments needed to help you lay bricks quickly and accurately. The profiles design also allows easy access to the brickwork for pointing and rubbing in to be completed as work progresses for greater productivity. The galvanised steel construction is simple to set up and remove and can be adjusted using wing nuts. The Faithfull FAIPROEXT profile pack comes complete with all fittings and full instructions including: 2 x External steel profiles 2 x 225mm (9 inch) retaining bolts 2 x 350mm (14 inch) retaining bolts 2 x 450mm (18 inch) retaining bolts 4 x Clamping brackets 2 x Line holders 1 x Setting device 2 x Stabilisers 4 x Wing nuts Technical Specs 225mm (9 inch) retaining bolts 350mm (14 inch) retaining bolts 450mm (18 inch) retaining bolts
General Product Information
  • TY SKU Code: TY-18-376-01
  • Condition: Brand New
  • Stock: Available
  • Brand: Faithfull
  • EAN: 502396925629
  • Weight: 17.10kg



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